GP Tire & Wheel Clean + Shine + Protect Kit
GP Tire & Wheel Clean + Shine + Protect Kit
GP Tire & Wheel Clean + Shine + Protect Kit

GP Tire & Wheel Clean + Shine + Protect Kit

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Everything you need to clean, restore, and protect the look of your wheels.

Clean the dirt, grease, grime, and caked-on brake dust from your wheels with GP's Wheel and Metal Cleaner. Draw the blooming (brown discoloration) out of your tires and bring a revitalized appearance to the rubber sidewalls with Tire & Wheel Cleaner. Remove residual soaps and contaminants from the wheel to prepare it for dressing with Panel Prep. Give your wheels a slick, glossy appearance using the Graphene Spray Coating and finish off the showroom look with GP's Tire Dressing to give your tires a satin or shiny finish.

Kit includes...

Recommended Kit Instructions:

(Optional) Depending on the contamination level of your tires/wheels, it is recommended to rinse first with pressured water and wash with a Heavy-Duty Soap such as our S1 Soap. This will loosen heavy debris for easier removal.

  1. Step One: On a wet surface, evenly spray Tire & Wheel Cleaner around both your wheel (rim) and tire. As you are applying you may notice the tire surface begin to foam brown. This is an indication that the product is lifting the blooming from the rubber. Using a dedicated tire brush, scrub your tire in a circular motion, following the contour of your tire. You will notice the product foaming as you scrub. Using a wheel (rim) safe brush, scrub the faces and barrels of your wheel. Rinse, clean with water. You may repeat this process for heavily contaminated wheels.
  2. Step Two:  It is recommended that your wheel is not overly saturated prior to this step to avoid excess product runoff as the product should sit for several minutes for best results. Spray Wheel & Metal Cleaner directly onto the metal surface of your wheel's (rims) faces, barrels, lug nuts, calipers, and rotors. Ensure even coverage across all surfaces. Allow product to sit for 2-5 minutes. Scrub surfaces with a wheel (rim) safe brush then rinse clean with water.
  3. Step Three: On a dry to semi-dry surface, spray Panel-Prep onto your wheels (rims) and wipe the surface clean. Panel Prep will remove any excess residual of products and prepare the surface to receive Graphene Spray Coating.
  4. Step Four: Spray several trigger-pulls of Graphene Spray Coating direct onto included Orange & Grey Applicator pad. Using the primed applicator, gently apply the coating to your wheel's (rim) faces, barrels, and calipers. Reapply product to the applicator pad as needed. Ensure that an even layer of coverage is across all desired areas. Allow product to sit for 2-5 minutes. Using included Mint Grey 360 GSM Edgeless microfiber, gently level and remove any excess product from the treated surface. Repeat the application process if multiple layers are desired. Allow the coating to cure for approximately 4 hours before exposing it to water/elements.
  5. Step Five: Appy approx a quarter size amount of Tire Dressing to an applicator pad to prime pad. (If only one side of the Orange & Grey Applicator pad was used to apply Graphene Spray Coating, you may use the reverse side). On a dry surface, wipe evenly around the tire. Allow Tire Dressing to dry for 3-5 minutes. If a glossier finish is desired, repeat with a second coat. 

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