4 Things to Think About When When Choosing a Detailing Supplier

4 Things to Think About When When Choosing a Detailing Supplier


If you run a business that relies on car care products or you're thinking about starting one, one of the most important decisions you make is where to buy your detailing supplies.

There's plenty of options, but not all chemical suppliers are made equal.  Your detailing supplier should be a partner that not only makes great products, but is a partner and a resource to you and your business. That's how we think of ourselves here at GlassParency - we're a tool in your detailing tool belt.

So here's 4 things you should think about when you're deciding which company you want to buy your detailing supplies from...

  1. The Product 
    Does it do what the company says it will do? Do you know how to use it properly? Can you profit off of the product by offering it as a service (i.e. glass treatment) or is it just part of doing business (i.e. panel prep)? Does the company have resources that teach you how to use or market their products?
  2. The Price
    Over the course of a year, what you spend on detailing chemicals will become one of your biggest expenses of doing business. We wrote an entire post about Calculating Your Cost of Service and How Much to Charge. It's essential to have good prices from your supplier because it directly impacts how much money goes into your pocket at the end of the day.

    Pro Tip: To compare prices between products and to know what your product cost is when you detail a car, use this formula: Price / Total Ounces = Cost per Oz. Or if you'd rather not do the math, use our Service Calculator

    For Example: 
    You buy (12) 16oz. bottles of GP's Panel Prep @ $6.15 per bottle
    Total Cost = $73.80
    Total Ozs. = 192 ozs.
    Cost Per Oz. = $73.80 ÷ 192 = $0.38/oz.

    Now if you use half a bottle of Panel Prep on a client's car, you know that just cost you $3.04

  3. The Shipping
    Does the supplier offer flat rate and expedited shipping options to your location? Does it arrive undamaged, in a timely manner? If something is lost or does arrive damaged, do they help make it right?
  4. The Service
    Are you able to speak with someone when you need to? Is the staff friendly, knowledgable and able to answer product questions or give you recommendations on how to use their products in your business? 

    Our products, prices, shipping, and service are top priority here because we know it's what matters most to our customers. So the next time you're thinking about where to order your detailing supplies, think beyond just the name on the bottle and consider what that supplier is really doing for you and your business.

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