Join the GP Ceramic Coating Program

Offer GlassParency's Ceramic and Graphene Coatings backed by a Transparent Warranty for up to 5 years of coverage.

What's Included
Coat + Maintain 2-Car Kit

Each kit includes (2) Insured Warranties, (2) Coating Care Kits, and (1) 50mL bottle of either Graphene or Ceramic Coating.

What's Covered

Provides exterior protection against water spots, bird droppings, bug-splatter, tree sap, saltwater, acid rain and UV damage/oxidation.

  • Unlimited repairs up to $3,500
  • Reapplication of coating in the event of product failure
  • Available for new and used cars
  • Rental car reimbursement up to 3 days

  • Images of the front and back side of a GlassParency Graphene Coating and Ceramic coating box

    Pro Grade Coatings

    Our Graphene and Ceramic coatings are the premium quality that you've come to expect from GlassParency so you can coat client vehicles with confidence.

    Complimentary Handout

    Give your clients a complimentary Coating Care Kit that includes a bottle of S2 PH Neutral Soap and Boost Sealant to maintain their new coating in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

    Insured, Warranty-Backed

    If the coating fails, we've got you covered. Our friendly in-house claims team with 20+ years of experience will cover the cost of labor and replacement product for valid claims.

    Why go with GlassParency

    • Product durability of 3-4 years with 1 layer and 5+ years with 2 layers when properly maintained
    • One 50mL bottle of Graphene/Ceramic can provide enough coverage for 2+ full-size vehicles
    • High quality coatings trusted by thousands of detailers
    • In-house product experts available to answer questions before, during, or after coating application
    • Easy-to-apply coatings with extended working time and unbeatable prices
    • Easy-to-use Warranty Submission portal and support resources
    • Friendly, knowledgeable account managers and in-house claims specialists
    • Access to Members-Only Wholesale Portal with detailing supplies priced up to 50% off retail


    -- Must be an established business for 2+ years with 5+ years experience detailing
    -- Experienced with paint correction and high end coatings
    -- Available workspace inside a controlled environment for proper coating application & curing
    -- Must watch Coating Program Introduction video