What's a Glass Treatment?

GlassParency's Glass Treatment is a patented multi-step process using 2 chemicals formulated to increase safety on the road by enhancing your glass.

Treated glass is water repellent, optically clearer, glare resistant, more durable, & easier to clean. Check out the Complete Guide to Windshield Treatments for more information.

Windshield Coating Reduces Glare
Ultra Hydrophobic Windshield Coating Repels water
Windshield Coating Easily remove snow and ice
Windshield coating makes it easier to clean bugs and dirt
Windshield coating boosts glass resilience
Windshield coating makes glass optically clearer

What Makes GlassParency the Best Hydrophobic Glass Treatment

Chemical Bond

Unlike wax-based or topical coatings for rain, GlassParency is engineered to bond with the silica within glass, creating long-term, durable protection.

Pro Installation

Our network of installers are trained in the proper glass prep, application, and maintenance to ensure maximum durability and effect.

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Included Maintenance

Every one-time application is easily maintained with our 3-year warranty. You will receive text & email reminders from GlassParency for seasonal maintenance on your windshield either by your Installer or with our at-home KEEP Maintenance Kits.

What it means to be ultra-hydrophobic

Hydrophobicity is measured by the angle that a water droplet attaches to horizontal glass. Water lays on untreated glass at an angle of approximately 12° to 15°, aka flat. When glass is treated with GlassParency, water lays at an angle of 60° to 115°! This is what causes water to look like beads that roll right off when it comes in contact with treated glass.

demonstration of glassparency windshield coating in a shaker jar


Step One

Submit your information to find the Authorized Installers closest to you & contact them to receive a quote and schedule the Glass Treatment application.

Glassparency windshield treatment being applied to car windshield to make it water repellent
Step Two

Your Authorized Installer will prep the glass, apply the two chemicals that will bond to the glass and to each other, creating an ultra-durable, ultra-hydrophobic barrier, and activate your warranty.

step three

Every GlassParency automotive application is backed by our 3-year product warranty which covers seasonal visits to your Authorized Installer for maintenance and re-application to ensure maximum performance.


Being a high end detailer, I’ve always focused the majority of my time on the paint and interior and really overlooked the vehicles glass. After taking on GlassParency, I'm blown away by the difference it makes when finishing a vehicle.

Rich R.
Richie’s Diamond Detailing

Over the top product, it's like RainX on steroids!

Jerry H.
Babylon, NY

I used to have to pull over to gas stations to clean my windshield every few days on my commute home from work. With GlassParency, I just turn my wiper fluid on for a few seconds and my windshield is clear again.

Alex M.
Las Vegas, NV Resident

My driving route is from Chicago to Rugby, North Dakota. GlassParency has made it a lot safer and easier for me to see while driving these icy roads.

Anthony R.
Freight Transporter


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