Wipe Down Interior Detailer
Wipe Down Interior Detailer
Wipe Down Interior Detailer
Wipe Down Interior Detailer
Wipe Down Interior Detailer
Wipe Down Interior Detailer

Wipe Down Interior Detailer

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Wipe Down is an all-purpose interior cleaner that gently cleans surfaces, lifts stains, and deodorizes offensive smells. 

Say goodbye to dusty dashes, stubborn stains, unpleasant smells, and ground-in dirt with Wipe Down's advanced formula that gently cleans without damaging the surface and quickly penetrates deep into the surface to lift foul odors, pollutants, oils, food spills, smoke film, and more. Leaves your interior smelling like Fresh Linen.

The ultimate solution for cleaning dashboards, door panels, upholstery, carpet, vinyl, plastic, floormats, smooth leather, and more.

Wipe Down not only cleans but also provides protection from harmful UV rays. Its unique formula leaves behind a protective layer that shields your surfaces from fading, cracking, or peeling due to sun exposure.


Dilutable with water using a 3:1 ratio. Test in an inconspicuous area to ensure color-fastness

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Wipe Down Interior Cleaner

The interior of cars get dirty. Dust, spills, dirt from shoes, and everything else life throws at it.

Wipe Down Interior Cleaner is a quick and easy highly effective interior cleaner that's formulated to get your interior looking like-new by lifting stains, destroying bad odors, and cleaning your dash to a satin, non-greasy shine while protecting it from the fading caused by the sun.

Quick & Easy

Spray, Wipe, Done

Just spray Wipe Down onto a clean towel and wipe the surface to a clean, non-greasy shine - done.


All Around Cleaner

Wipe Down's versatility means you can get your entire interior clean with just one product.

Form & Function

Shine & Protection

Wipe Down improves the appearance of your interior and protects it from fading, cracking, and peeling from sun exposure



  1. Test in an inconspicuous area to ensure color-fastness
  2. Mist onto the surface - avoid saturating or soaking the fabric.
  3. Wipe or rub the surface with a clean towel or damp sponge.
  4. Wipe dry with a clean towel until the towel remains clean.
  5. For heavy-duty cleaning, allow time to penetrate and scrub surface if necessary

All Other Surfaces:

  1. Spray Wipe Down onto a clean, dry towel
  2. Wipe interior surfaces using the towel until the desired level of clean/shine is achieved
  3. Continuously flip/unfold the towel to clean sections and re-apply Wipe Down as-needed

DO NOT use Wipe Down on suede

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