Detailer with microfiber applicator pad applying ceramic coating to hood of Jeep

Coat & Protect


      Durable Coating and Superior Protection

      Our line of Coat and Protect products is specifically formulated to provide the ultimate defense for your vehicle's exterior. These products include our state-of-the-art Graphene Coating and Ceramic Coating as well as sealants and coating kits. These products are designed to create a durable protective barrier that is both hydrophobic and long-lasting. With the help of GlassParency's Coat and Protect line of products, you can ensure that your vehicle will look just like new for years to come. 

      Our Graphene Coating utilizes cutting-edge technology that offers years of protection for your car. It fights the appearance of water spots and prevents permanent damage from happening by taking the brunt of the daily wear. Our Ceramic Coating is also an industry leader in protective products. It's also easily buildable, meaning you're in control of the level of protection you want to see for your car.

      While these are both exceptionally effective forms of protective coatings, they both offer their own unique benefits. So in the case of Graphene vs Ceramic Coating, it's important to be informed in order to make the right decision. Graphene coating is a newer technology that applies a thin layer of carbon as the protective shell for your vehicle's paint. It is highly resistant to scratches and UV rays. Our ceramic coating offers similar benefits as well as providing a high-gloss finish. 

      The level of protection provided by our graphene and ceramic coating products is unmatched. It allows you to easily wipe away any surface debris as the slick, ultra-hydrophobic layer doesn't let anything stick. Paint protection for cars is absolutely essential, and it's important to take charge of preventing damage in the first place. When paint damage does occur, it can be incredibly costly and time-consuming to fix, this is why we've designed our products to be your first and last steps in the line of defense.

      5 products

      5 products