White Label Service

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Ordering Process

1. Select Products

Once approved, start building your inventory by adding products to your cart. Our low order minimum allows you to order as little as 12 bottles of an individual product at a time. Looking to place a larger order? We offer freight shipping as well!

2. Select Template

Browse and select one of our design templates to help our In-House Design Team understand the direction you are looking to take your brand. Our team will work with you to fine tune it after checkout, during the Design Process.

3. Checkout

Checkout and place your order. Within 24-48 business hours of receiving the order, you will be contacted by an Account Manager at our facility and begin the Inventory Confirmation Process.

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Have your brand up and running in as little as 10 business days*

4. Inventory Confirmation Process

Your Account manager will confirm all of the Product Titles and Descriptions of the products you selected and obtain your logos.

After everything is confirmed, you will be transitioned into the Design Process.

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5. Design Process

Our Design Team will create a mock-up of a bottle using your logo and brand colors using the template selected.

Working with our designers will be simple and transparent until you create label artwork you love.

After print files are approved, our staff will bring them to our Fulfillment Department for in-house printing, labeling, packaging, and finally, shipping.

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*Subject to timely client responses, approvals, number of design revisions, and payment for product + shipping