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What is a Glass Treatment?

Unlike many wax-based or topical coatings like RainX or a ceramic coating, GlassParency is a glass treatment that's chemically engineered to react to the silica within glass creating a permanent bond with any silica-based surface.

Its benefits go beyond just being a water repellent - it reduces glare, makes glass faster & easier to clean, more resilient against chips and cracks, optically clearer, and is effective in any climate or environment.

Trusted by the Best

Pro detailers, tint shops, glass shops, PPF/Vinyl specialists, and ceramic coating specialists worldwide trust GlassParency for the glass surfaces on their client vehicles.

Authorized Installer Pictured:
Justin Labato, Owner
JL's Showroom Auto Salon
Melbourne, FL

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Why GlassParency?

Quick Application, Instant Cure Time

Once trained on proper technique, glass treatment prep & application takes just 10-15 minutes whether you're indoors or mobile and it cures instantly so customers can drive away worry-free.

Guaranteed 3 Year Warranty

GlassParency includes a 3-year warranty that covers free maintenance for both the consumer and the installer, ensuring our product stays at peak performance for the life of the warranty.

Customer Retention Program

Once their warranty is activated, customers will receive maintenance reminders by text and email with the Authorized Installers contact info to develop loyalty and repeat business.

Best Glass Coating

Customers are obsessed with GlassParency, plain & simple. They love the peace of mind knowing that even in the worst conditions, their view of the read of the road ahead is clear.

How it Works

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Step 1: Application

Complete an application to speak with an account manager about getting started. Approved applicants will purchase a Starter Kit and complete the Authorized Installer training.

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Step 2: Training

Watch the Authorized Installer training videos to learn how to properly prep the glass, how to apply a glass treatment, and how to submit customer warranties.

Step 3: Get Started

Start installing! At this point, you'll have everything you need to begin offering GlassParency to your customers.

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Starter Kit Options:


(3) Glass Treatment 5-Packs (15 treatments total)
(1) 16oz Bottle of Glass Cleaner 
(1) 8oz Glass & Chrome Polish
(1) 16oz Bottle of Maintenance Solution
(1) 4-Pack Applicator Pads
(1) 360 GSM Microfiber Towel
3-Year Product Warranty on each customer application

Marketing & Sales Materials:

(1) Brochure 25-Pack
(1) Hangtag 25-Pack
(1) Brochure Holder
(1) Shaker Jar Demo
(1) Authorized Installer Certificate
Retention Program: (4) Branded Emails/Texts per Year sent to GP customers with an active warranty*

Become an Installer


Everything from the Starter Kit PLUS:

(2) 18"x 24" Framed GlassParency Posters
(1) 3'x5' Authorized Installer Banner
(1) Glass Treatment Placemat
(1) GP Authorized Installer Window Decal
(1) Framed Authorized Installer Certificate

Become an Installer

Hear what Justin Labato, former President of the International Detailing Association, and some of our top Authorized Installers have to say about GlassParency and how they use it to take their business to the next level.