Cut-a-Latte Cutting Compound
Cut-a-Latte Cutting Compound

Cut-a-Latte Cutting Compound

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Remove scratches, swirls, etching, and more with Cut a Latte Compound Polish

Cut a Latte Compound is the perfect general-use, all-around go-to compound for everyday paint correction. It gets its name from the subtle, pleasant coffee aroma that fills the air as you work with it.

This water-based, non-silicon, VOC compliant cutting polish is body shop safe and contains no fillers. The Diminishing Abrasion technology used with our micro-abrasion particles means that as you work, the abrasives break down to finer and finer particles that are coarsest at the start, and finest at the finish to maximize effectiveness and minimize dust. Cut-a-Latte is ideal for paint correction to remove swirls and P1500 grit scratches or finer using your buffing machine of choice.

Pair Cut-a-Latte with a wool or foam pad to get a high gloss, haze-free finish with minimal swirling. 


1. Shake well and ensure the surface is clean, cool, dry, and out of direct sunlight
2. Attach a foam or wool buffer pad to your backing plate
3. Prime the pad by applying several quarter-sized amounts of product and distributing them evenly onto the pad
4. BEFORE turning on the machine, apply several drops to the vehicle surface and spread evenly across a 2 ft. x 2 ft. area
5. Start polishing slowly at first to minimize splatter, then increase speed up to 1500 RPM
6. Buff the surface in a controlled, overlapping motion until scratches and swirls are removed
7. Wipe carefully with a microfiber cloth to clean the surface
8. For best results, spray and wipe with Panel Prep to remove all residual polish

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