Cut, Polish, Finish All-in-One Pads Kit

Cut, Polish, Finish All-in-One Pads Kit

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Try all 5 polishing pads for every paint correction situation

We partnered with the pad manufacturing experts at Buff & Shine using their UroFoam, UroFiber, and UroWool pad materials to bring GP customers their tried and trusted pad technology in a range of pad sizes and materials based on the paint condition, softness, and part of the car you're working on. 

Pads are compatible with all buffing machines on the market: Rotary, DA, RA, Long Throw, Gear Driven, High Action and are available in your choice of 3", 5", and 6" sizes. 

PAD ABRASION RATING (1:Finest 5:Coarsest)
Yellow UroTec Foam 1 - Fine Finish/Polish
Blue UroTec Foam 2 - Light Cut/Heavy Polish
Maroon UroTec Foam 3 - Medium Cut / Heavy Polish
Black UroFiber Microfiber 4 - Medium Cut
Grey UroWool  5- Heavy Cut

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