Espress Finish - Light Cut & Finish Polish
Espress Finish - Light Cut & Finish Polish

Espress Finish - Light Cut & Finish Polish

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Removes minor defects and polishes to a high gloss, swirl-free finish

Enjoy a subtle coffee aroma as you pair Espress Finish with the finest diminishing abrasives available that are evenly distributed to ensure a consistent finish. Espress Finish is an easy to work with, forgiving polish for one-step corrections and final touches. 

The water-based, silicon-free formula is body shop safe and ensures fast and easy clean-up, leaving behind a flawless wet gloss appearance on polished surfaces.


1. Shake well and ensure the surface is clean, cool, dry, and out of direct sunlight.
2. Attach a foam or wool buffer pad to your backing plate
3. Prime the pad by applying several quarter-sized amounts of product and distributing evenly onto the pad by hand
4. BEFORE turning on the machine, spread polish evenly across a 2 ft. x 2 ft. area
5. Start polishing slowly at first to minimize splatter, then increase speed up to 1500 RPM
6. Buff the surface in a controlled, overlapping motion until the desired shine is achieved
7. Wipe carefully with a microfiber cloth to clean the surface
8. For best results, spray and wipe the surface with Panel Prep then apply a ceramic coating or sealant to protect the finish.

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