Paint Correction & Polish Kit
Paint Correction & Polish Kit
Paint Correction & Polish Kit
Paint Correction & Polish Kit
Paint Correction & Polish Kit
Paint Correction & Polish Kit

Paint Correction & Polish Kit

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Try the GlassParency Paint Correction System

We designed our all-new Polishes and Pads to work together seamlessly so that DIY detailers have the ultimate range and flexibility for choosing the exact match to correct your cars paint - from heavy cut to flawless finish, no matter the paint condition, you'll find a GlassParency pad/polish combination for the job.

Kit Includes:

(1) 32 oz. Cut-a-Latte Compound
(1) 32 oz. Espress Finish Polish
(1) 16 oz. Panel Prep 
(3) Pads in choice of 3", 5", or 6":

*Buffing machine pictured not included

Polish & Compound

Our water-based, silicon-free, subtle coffee-scented polish and compound are formulated using Diminishing Abrasion technology so that as you work, the micro-abrasives break down to finer and finer particles that are coarsest at the start, and finest at the finish to maximize effectiveness, minimize dust, and help prevent burning into the clear coat.

Espress Finish Polish 32oz ($29.99) is your new go-to for one-step corrections. Espress Finish is an easy-to-work-with, forgiving polish that leaves behind a flawless wet gloss finish, with low-dust and an easy clean up.

Cut-a-Latte Compound 32oz ($41.99) is perfect as a general-use, all-around go-to compound for everyday paint correction. Ideal for removing swirls, etching, and P1500 grit scratches or finer using your polishing machine of choice. Pair Cut-a-Latte with our UroWool or UroFoam pad to get a high gloss, haze free finish with minimal swirling. 

For multi-step paint corrections, pair Cut-a-Latte and Espress Finish Polish with our pad system to be able to go all the way from the heaviest cut to the finest polish. 

Pad System

We partnered with the pad manufacturing experts at Buff & Shine using their UroFoam, UroFiber, and UroWool pad materials to bring GP customers their tried and trusted pad technology to offer a range of pad sizes and materials based on the paint condition, softness, and part of the car you're working on. 

Pads are compatible with all buffing machines on the market: Rotary, DA, RA, Long Throw, Gear Driven, High Action

All pads are available in 3", 5", and 6" sizes. This Kit includes 3 of the 5 pads that we offer...

* = Not included in this kit

1 - Yellow UroTec Foam Fine Finish/Polish
2 - Blue UroTec Foam Light Cut/Heavy Polish
*3 - Maroon UroTec Foam Medium Cut / Heavy Polish
*4 - Black UroFiber Microfiber Medium Cut
5 - Grey UroWool  Heavy Cut

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